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    Tableau Worker Node degraded/down Query

    Abhishek Bhargava

      Hi All,

      I am from Tableau admin team, We are using Tableau distributed environment with 1 Primary and 7 worker node.

      Need your assistance on below questionnaire :


      1."If one of the worker node degraded/down due to hardware or windows issues what action we need to take to up the worker node?

         Would the worker node be auto start with window start or We need to start it manually? Please suggest with the directional steps.


      2.If We down one worker node manually for some testing purpose, What action we have to perform to up the worker node?

        Will We need to start Whole Tableau cluster? or is there any way to start that particular node to avoid the cluster restart.

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      We are using Tableau Server Version :  9.3.1”



      Abhishek Bhargava