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    How to find first (sold) and then next?

    Chris Wirth

      In my case (simplified as an example), I basically have orders (the blurred column of customers) that have been placed in advance over 4 quarters of a year for different product categories (grades and standards).


      I am able to create the below view that's showing a count of product and sub-product (grade and standard) x Qtr (A1-A4).


      What I want to be able to show is for each product and customer:


      1. Which quarter is the first time that the product is sold?

      2. What is the next quarter that the product is sold?


      Basically two more columns that would show the "earliest" Qtr there is an "item count > 0", and then another column that shows the next Qtr that there is an "item count > 0".


      One of the challenges I am dealing with is that I am not using dates, but rather Quarters are identified as Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.It seems to me that this should be do-able using sets to define the Quarters and then a calculated field, but I am not sure how to go about this.


      Many thanks for any help!





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