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    Suggest me the best visualization???

    Prabhu H

      Please Check the data and suggest me wat and all we can do it in Tableau

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          Tom W


          Firstly, please don't create duplicate threads for exactly the same question.

          Secondly, please put some more effort into your question. What have you tried? What metrics are important to you? What is the story you are trying to tell with your data?

          Finally, it's always more helpful if you upload a Tableau Packaged Workbook already connected to your sample data.

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            Bill Lyons

            In addition to Tom W's comments, it helps to have the data make sense. Your columns Country and Country Name have impossible and apparently meaningless combinations like Belize and Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Aruba, and many others. The meaning of the measure values for these combinations is completely unclear.


            Once you clean up the data, please see Packaged workbooks: when, why, how.