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    Gantt Chart: Showing Durations (in hours) within Existing Durations of Hours

    Leanne Vermeulen

      Hey guys,


      I'm playing around with Gantt charts and have created a sample dataset based on a format I'd expect to see in an export for this type of data. I'm trying to create the following hypothetical scenario:


      I have 3 Rooms that are going to be used in a Conference and each Room will have different Sessions throughout the day. Using a Gantt chart, I've managed to create a view showing (in hours) the time each Room "opens" up until the time they "close". I achieve this using a simple calculation as in the image below ([Available Until Time] - [Available From Time]). This is where I get stuck: using a dual axis, I want to show the duration of each "Session" for each Room, as one Room can have multiple Sessions throughout the day, leaving gaps of hours in between where the Room is not being used. I've tried using the same type of calculation format as above to calculate the hourly range for each Session ([Session End Time] - [Session Start Time]), but when I do that, I get the following results:

      Agenda Time Discrepancies.png

      Aside from the hourly results not being accurate to start off with, I'm also not getting the "breaks" in between Sessions, where the Room is not being used. Based on the dataset below, I'd assume this has to do with row-level calculations and perhaps I need to fix each Session to its relative Start Time, but I've tried creating a fixed LoD calculation for this and it didn't help:

      Different Agendas for The Same Rooms- Row Levels.png


      Using Paint, I've mocked up a hypothetical of what my chart should look like, once the hourly range of each Session is correctly calculated - with Orange representing the total range of hours each Room is open for and Blue representing Sessions:

      Agenda Times Correctly Displayed.png


      Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks!