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    Percent Difference between time periods when months are missing

    Alex Braga

      Hi all,


      I’m working on a dashboard comparing two time periods and adding a quick table calculation for year over year growth.


      I’m using the variable Relative Date as DATETRUNC([Date Level], [Svcbegdate])


      Date Level is a parameter listing Month, Quarter and Year; and

      Svcbegdate is a date or service.


      However I’m running into situations where for a particular comparison I may not have all months in 2015 (something like only having Oct, Nov, Dec in 2015) but I may have all months for 2016.


      The % difference is calculating the difference between Oct 2015 with Jan 2016, Nov 2015 with Feb 2016, and Dec 2015 with Mar 2016 (as in the attached photo).


      Is there a way that I can adjust this so that Oct 2015 compares against Oct 2016, November against November, and so on? Any way of manipulating the Compute Using option, or the Relative to option, or the Edit Table Calculation option to get this compared correctly?


      Or in cases such as this the only way to compare would be to change the parameter to Year, and compare at that Date Level (which would be correct)?


      Your help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!