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    Multiple answers question of survey in excel

    Gaurav Gupta

      Hello everyone,


      I am new to this community. I have a problem with multiple answers question asked in a survey. In the survey we have total 22 questions asked. 20 questions are single answer questions and there are 5 choices given for each question. Until here things are fine for me. In next two questions, a user has liberty to pick more then one answer for question. Data is in EXCEL and for multiple answers questions, all the answers given by a particular user, is in same row, in preceding columns. for an example


      respondent           games you play
      clo1                 col 2     col3     col4     col5    
      1                   soccer   tennis  chess  cricket

      2                                 tennis             cricket

      3                   soccer   tennis             cricket

      4                   soccer              chess   

      5                                            chess


      I need to create charts and filters for these two questions. I am struggling with creating filters and reports on these kind of questions. Could any of you please help me on this issue.