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    How to count new dimensions (part 2)

    Dan Armstrong



      This is a question I asked a few days back and it was partly answered, but I can't get all the way there.


      A co-worker keeps having new activity codes (dimensions) imposed on him from upstream in the organization. He has no control over this. He just wants to be aware when new codes are added.


      I've  created a simplified example with 13 codes, represented by the letter A through O.


      On the first data dump of the period, he gets 7 codes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. All are new codes.

      On the second he gets 4 codes: C, D, F, H. Three he has seen before (C, D, F). One is new (H).

      On the third, he gets 3 codes: B, F, H. All three he has seen in prior dumps. There are no new codes.

      On the fourth, he gets 9 codes, of which 5 are new.


      So the new codes for the four dates are 7, 1, 0 and 5. Here is what this looks like:



      What I want is a view that just shows the number of new codes by date:



      And as you can see from the attached workbook, I have managed (with some help from this forum) to show the new dimensions by date. But I cannot count them and show the totals despite lots of trying with various table calculations. What you see below (clipped from the attached workbook) is as far as I've gotten.



      As you can see, only the new dimensions show up, with the exception of 2/14/2017, where I want to display a zero or some indication that there was a scan but there were no new categories.


      Anyway I can display the count of new dimensions on a single line by date?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.