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    Dimension aggregation MULTI (n)

    Bernard Chang

      Hi all


      I recently upgraded from Tableau Desktop 9.2 to 10 and I see the following


      My apologies for the incomplete snip it because it is company data. Let's name the left and the middle column A and B and the right most column C.

      A and B are dimensions, C is the count of records.


      In column B, "CODTR" is an actual value from the data source, but MULTI (2) and MULTI (4) are not.  They are there because there are multiple values in B for the same value in A. I have never seen this in Tableau 9 before!


      I tried removing column B and adding it back to the view.  The view returned to what I used to see (below).  I was unable to repeat what I see above except for hitting the back button



      Can anyone tell me where to control this aggregation behavior?