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    Struggling to get a proper line chart

    Mark Kretschmer

      Hi there,


      I am still new to Tableau, so I come across some problems from time to time. This time I failed to solve it on my own - again. So here is my latest issue.


      My data set includes data about three fictional higher education institutions for the years from 2010 to 2012. I want to construct a line chart showing the total number of students and the number of students at two of the three institutions (each institution separately).

      I know how to get a second line for just one institution using a parameter. But I fail to add a third. Then I tried to use sets of just one institution to draw the lines, but I if I do this, the number of students at the set's institution is subtracted from the total number of students.


      My original data set contains data on more than 300 institutions, 40 different subjects and so one. So I made up a fictional sample of just three institutions to demonstrate my problem. I attached the workbook to that post.


      Thanks in advance.