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    Datasource not showing all columns

    Ali Hirji

      Hi all,


      Hoping someone can help me with my dilemma.


      I have successfully connected to a SAS Dataset on Tableau - this was working perfectly fine with all columns (dimensions and measures showing). I have now changed my SAS Dataset to include two additional columns (not replacing any previous columns, just adding two to the end). When I went back into my Tableau workbook, refresh data and extracts, i was surprised i couldnt see the additional columns/dimensions on the left pane but also they were no where to be seen on the Datasource tab.


      I decided to created a fresh/brand new workbook to test and connected to the SAS Dataset and again, the two new columns I created are no where to be seen? I have checked, refreshed, created new workbooks yet I have had no joy.


      Has anyone got any experience or guidance for me?