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    Understand Tableau Server Permissions

    Mark Wu

      Tableau server permission features are very robust (enterprise grade) but very confusing too:

      • What site role means?
      • What project leader can do?
      • Should I lock project permissions?
      • Why some users can't publish to a project even you grant this user publish access to this project?
      • How can I change my teammate's workbook when he or she is on vacation?
      • How to change someone else's extract schedule? Is it possible at all?
      • Tableau workbook permission 'interactor' includes Web Editor. Is it a concern?
      • How to setup web edit permission?
      • Why I do not see 'save' button even I have 'save' permission of the workbook?
      • How to setup permissions if workbook uses published data sources?
      • Should I use user or group when grant permissions? What happens if user and group permissions are conflicting?
      • Should I set view level permission?


      Pls read my post recent post SCALING TABLEAU (7/10) – UNDERSTAND SERVER PERMISSIONS - Silicon Valley Enterprise Tableau User Group


      Pls share your use case and permission setting best practices too.