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        Yuriy Fal

        Hi Kent,


        Could you please shed some light on whether a restriction of using

        just a single Lat / Lon pair on a view would be eased / removed?


        Having such a restriction makes an ordinary dual-axis mapping -- like this one for example -- ...


        ... a painfull "data-reshaping-custom-geo-hacking" experience.





        PS Custom Territories & Spatial Connector ruleZ!

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          Jeffrey Rodgers

          Hi Kent,


          We have MAPBOX working fine using Tableau Desktop.  We don't have it rendering on Tableau Server v9.2.6 or v10.0.5.  We can't find anything on Tableau's Site that specifies we need to do any type of configuration or setup to enable it to work.  We don't see any KBs to tell us how to troubleshoot it.


          Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,


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            Kent Marten

            Hi Jim Dehner,


            Yes, that makes it very clear, and I know there are many customers doing this type of analysis.  With that said, I don't have a list of 'best sources for weather data'.  What data sources have you tried and how are you searching for sources?



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              Kent Marten

              Hi Yuriy Fal,


              As announced at TC16 last November, we are working on supporting multiple layers of marks as a key innovation on the Tableau roadmap.  So the short answer is yes, we are planning on removing this restriction. There is no set timeline for when we will be conducting alpha/beta testing.



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                Jim Dehner

                I have gone out to the NOAA site and looked into what is available out there - I seemed to be caught between overall forecast/historic data and very specific weather station level on the other - Probably just me not fully understanding how to deal with the data but I had hoped to find something in between that I could correlate to sales history -


                I am looking to the forum


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                  Kent Marten

                  Hi Jeffrey Rodgers,


                  You're reporting some weird behavior with Mapbox and Tableau Server. I'll ask some basic questions to see where you're at with troubleshooting:


                  1. What steps have you taken to troubleshoot up to this point?
                  2. Have you worked with anyone from Tableau technical support?
                    • Have you shared any of your server logs with someone in tech support or your own organization?
                  3. Have you tried any other map sources from your Server?




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                    Kent Marten

                    Hey Shawn Wallwork and Michael Hesser,


                    Getting back to your question about the restriction for using generated lat/lon in calculations. There is a "data pipeline" in Tableau and the generated fields are not added to the pipeline until near the end. The generated fields come from the geocoding database and working with them in calculations would require moving "geocoding" to an earlier and arbitrary point in the data pipeline. We have not done this because of significant performance implications of moving geocoding. 


                    We are researching many performance related initiatives and one of the driving scenarios is this scenario (using generated lat/lon). No timeframe available, but it's on our roadmap.



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                      Jonathan Drummey

                      Kent Marten, my questions/requests are:


                      1) Any support for other map projections (in particular Albers projection for the US) in the pipeline?


                      2) Right now given transactional data data with start/end points plotting great circle routes requires data prep and padding out the data (either in data prep or via data densification), any chance of something like that being built into Tableau?


                      3) The feature to assign geography to unmapped marks is "late" in the pipeline right now so it's after aggregation. Any chance of that being earlier in the pipeline?


                      4) We (still) can't get geographies via secondary sources, when might that come along? Cross database joins are fantastically useful but sometimes blending is faster/easier.


                      5) This is my single biggest issue: Tableau ships with a certain level of geocoding built in that is limited to cities of 15K population or higher. In my (rural) state that means that there are ~15 cities that geocode and another ~350 that don't, so if I want to do city/state mapping I've got to hunt down a new data source. I'd really like to have an in-Tableau option to download a bigger set of mapping data. Ideally it would be a free add-on, however I'd be willing to pay for that in order to avoid the hassles of trying to find an appropriate file of centroids & shapes.


                      6) I've actually gone into the Firebird database to figure out what place names Tableau knows about and which ones it doesn't when it comes to areas that have multiple neighborhood/place names. It would be great to have an easier way to know what place names Tableau could recognize besides needing to install a Firebird client or build a map.


                      7) Like Yuriy I want multiple layers of marks, with that I'd also like the restriction on using Tableau-generated geometry vs. in-data geometry to be removed. (In other words, if I've got lat & long of my stores already in the data I want to be able to use that geometry plus Tableau's lookups for my customers by zip code).



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                        Manideep Bhattacharyya

                        Dear Martin - I have two questions to ask regarding Tableau Map in India. Because I deal with Indian Client.


                        1. Do you have any plan to integrate Indian Demographics (Population, Purchase power, household etc) Information in the map ... may be integrated with Govt. of India Census data for all Town & Village ?


                        2. Can Tableau offline Map be made stronger to City level for India, so we can work offline till City level.




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                          Eric Tang

                          Hi Kent,


                          My question is regarding interpolation using maps. I have used other mapping programs that uses interpolation techniques such as nearest neighbor, cubic splines or kurig methods. Is there currently an initiative to include this type of functionality into Tableau?





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                            Kent Marten

                            Hi Jonathan Drummey,


                            Thank you for asking a question... wait seven questions/comments?!  Here we go:


                            1. We would love to support alternate map projections, but there are no near-term plans to do so.
                            2. Yes, there is a chance. We want to build features that support storytelling, artful display, creative expression, ease of use, and this is one of those features. No promises on when though, sorry.
                            3. Sorry- I'm not sure exactly what feature you are referring to -- are you talking about Custom Territories (i.e. Create Geography from > )? Please clarify.
                            4. Within the scope of some of the work that will enable support for generated lat/lon fields in calculations (referenced earlier in this thread), we might be able to unlock this scenario (geographies from secondary sources) as well.
                            5. Thanks for bringing this up. We want to add more data and support more geographic data. We are thinking through how to add more cities, what other data customers need that would be better suited for an "add-in" package, performance considerations, and more. To be clear, lowering the population threshold for cities is one of our goals.
                            6. This is something Simon Runc asked about earlier in this thread as well, yes, we want to provide better resources for customers to understand what is available for geocoding and yes we're hoping we can figure out a near-term solution for this one as well.
                            7. Layers we are working on and your request is noted (it's something we obviously know about, and we agree, enabling generated lat/lon and geometry to play nice will be valuable).





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                              Jonathan Drummey

                              Thanks, Kent!


                              A quick example of #3: Let’s say I have two rows of data with City & State. One is Saco, ME and the other is Camp Ellis, ME, which is a neighborhood of Saco. If I use City & State to build a map then I’m going to get one mark for Saco and one unknown. If I use Tableau’s edit locations feature to set Camp Ellis to use the Saco geography then what I see on the map is one point that is actually two marks overlaid (screenshot attached).




                              This is because that geographic assignment is done after the query is returning the two cities. In order for me to do something like have SUM(Sales) be the total sales for the higher-level “Saco” that is Saco & all of its neighborhoods including Camp Ellis I can’t use this feature at all, I have to use Groups, Sets, a calculated field, or do data prep outside Tableau. It would be great to enable this feature that so handily identifies which geographies aren’t being geocoded to actually create something like a Group that I could then assign a geographic role for putting marks and as the basis for aggregation.


                              I can say that pretty much every user I’ve ever done mapping with has run into this problem at some point.



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                                Kent Marten

                                Hi Manideep Bhattacharyya,


                                Thank you for your questions about India mapping! We do not have current plans to add demographic data for India, but I am very interested in expanding demographic data in Tableau to include countries outside the United States. Of course we would have to weigh our options on how to do this -- is the data open and freely available? Do we need to work with an India data vendor to license it for use in Tableau? My suggestion is to create an idea on the Tableau ideas site so that other members of the community can vote it up. The community has a way of influencing our priorities when they make it clear that something is high value to them.


                                Regarding offline mapping in Tableau, we know the current set of offline map tiles that ship with Tableau are fairly limiting. We don't want to keep adding tiles or more detail until we can counter the effects -- which is a potentially massive size increase in the Tableau installer. So now I have questions . How critical is this for your work and business? Are you completely offline today?  Is this for clients/customers you work with? Help me understand your constraints.





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                                  Kent Marten

                                  Hi Eric Tang,


                                  There are no current plans (that I'm aware of) to support "advanced" interpolation techniques for spatial data in Tableau (out-of-the-box).


                                  You have options though:

                                  1. You could perform your analysis in QGIS and export your results in a Shapefile -- which you will be able to connect to directly in 10.2 (set to be released very soon)
                                  2. Tableau supports both R- and Python integration if you're feeling industrious



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                                    Michelle Kosmicki

                                    I just posted this in another thread:

                                    Three Maps on a Dashboard (Or Map Pan-damonium)


                                    I have three rather lovely zip code maps. The zip codes map out different marketing variables used in planning and tracking performance. Each zip code is connected to a "Store ID". When I choose a store ID, each map zooms in to the location of that store, and shows data for the zip codes connected to that store.  However, if a dashboard user should pan around in any one of the three maps, or zoom in or out, the other two maps will not "move" or "pan" with the one map moved by the user.  Causing Map Pan-damonium.


                                    In order to restore order to my universe...or at least to the maps in question...I need to find a way to make the maps move with each other like a small group of synchronized swimmers. I've tried using parameters as suggested in a post I found when searching for a solution. It did not work for this dashboard. I really don't want to have to plot every zipcode on a static map so I can X,Y my way through the zip code pool.


                                    Oh yeah...three different data sets as well. :-D



                                    Any ideas from the brain trust of Tableau users out there?


                                    (This is how the map looks when you first open the planning tool.)


                                    Before you ask, no I cannot attach a workbook. It's client sensitive data so I am unable to share. Superstore may be a good substitute though.

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