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      Why is it not working:



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          Hello suvas.chandra,


          Just a question, what are you trying to return in here?

          Also can you attach a sample of your workbook?


          Thank you!

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            I have three sheets in the dashboard. I have created this parameter to filter data in three different sheets to satisfy four different scenarios:


            1) Grid 1, Graph 1, Graph 2

            2) Grid 2, Graph 3, Graph 4

            3) Grid 3, Graph 5, Graph 6

            4) Grid 4, Graph 7, Graph 8


            Workbook is attached.

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              Mark Fraser

              Hi Suvas


              i note you switched the parameter from float to string - thats the first issue now, you need "1", "2" etc... doesnt matter though you have bigger problems...


              I think i see what you're trying to do,

              what i think you want to do - is display 3 graphs based on a single parameter - based on specific values - which are based on the parameter selection

              but it wont work in that way unfortunately - i think you'll get further with dashboard actions but even then its going to take some thought...


              You may need to define the report selections (somehow) first, and then use the result of this test in the paramater - kind of cascading the logic but not sure how much is possible

              Will give it some thought - i hope some of this makes sense, and helps you and others




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                Tom W


                Your formula isn't formed correctly. Take a look at the help documentation for IF statements - Understanding Logical Calculations | Tableau Software


                The correct logic for an IF statement is along the lines of

                IF [statement] THEN [result]

                ELSEIF [statement] THEN [result]


                You are writing IF [statement] THEN [statement] AND [statement]

                It looks like you might be misunderstanding how a calculated field works - it does not assign a value to another field, it will return a value as per my sample above.

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                  Mark Fraser

                  Thanks Tom - helpful explanation.


                  From what I could work out, I believe the OP wants to pass values (for filtering the 3 graphs) based on selections via the parameter.

                  Kinda like dashboard actions, via an IF statement... inventive but dont think its going to work.

                  There must be a way to use the outcome of one function to pass a value and then filter another item (assuming so kind of hand-off or cascading) but havent given it too much thought, yet.

                  my gut feeling was that dashboard actions maybe better to drive the contents of the graphs via filters - thats essentially what the problem is