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    Shawn Wallwork


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          Tom W

          I've been sharing the same feelings recently, and I was trying to put my finger on why as I was out for a coffee this afternoon after taking a few questions this morning and feeling a bit disheartened.


          I think the comparison to Stack is fair in terms of the type of questions coming in, but the quality on Stackoverflow is much better. People tend to ask direct and specific questions along with a snippet or source code or a "this is what I've tried". If they don't, they get knocked to **** by the community and the moderators, the thread gets closed and their reputation suffers. As someone who posts on Stackoverflow occasionally, I'm always super careful to have investigated the issue thoroughly, searched stack and if I have to post I make sure it's a well articulated and specific question. I'm scared I'll upset the Stackoverflow gods if I don't. Other members of the community appreciate that, and I think by and large you're more willing to help someone who is demonstrating a certain level of effort as well as respect for your time.


          Overtime as the community evolves, it's definitely getting harder to even find threads like this one let alone engage in some of more meaningful and rewarding conversations that got us engaged "back in the day".

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            Matthew Risley



            I too have felt this. I think that Tom W hit a good portion of the issue/potential solution when it comes to the quality of the questions asked. However, sometimes the "lack of quality" has led to some really funny moments on the forums that breed camaraderie. Such as forgetting something simple and having a friend answer your question and you know he/she is judging you (in a good way) behind their keyboard.


            I also would like to bring back this post from you: https://community.tableau.com/thread/222077 This stirred up great conversation! A lot of the questions that I see on here now-a-days deal with what I brought up in that other post. Some features should simply be implemented. If you have't worked with Tableau for a while, you don't have that "hacky" mindset that the "pros" have. For the pros, some solutions are easy because of that mindset. But people with a simple BI background expect things to work or have features in place to handle their tasks.... But sometimes, those features are just not there.


            This tends to flood the forums (which I don't necessarily mind because it's fun to help people) with the same questions. It leaves the Developer with a sour taste in their mouths when something should be implemented, but isn't in every update that comes out without the feature they need.


            I hope we don't lose that "community feel" here. It's what makes these forums different than every other software forum out there.


            Best and +1 to Tableau,



            EDIT: Just realized this was from Feb 2017. I came here from the community spotlight from Yuriy Fal. Hopefully this will be dug up! This could be really interesting.