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    Issue with calculations in Titles, Text and Captions (Workbook Attached)




      I was able to calculate the correct value within my bar chart but when I try to use the calculation in the Title of my worksheet, it does not display the correct value.


      In the screen shot below, 72 events occurred in 2016, down -60# from 2015. That seems to be calculated correctly in my bar chart but when I try to use the field in my Title, it displays "-91% to 0%" in the title. The 91% change refers to the Year 2010, if you hover over the bar chart.


      The Title has the following formula, is there something I am doing wrong that it is not displaying the delta change between 2015 to 2016 in the title?


      <SUM(2016 Events)> events were reported in 2016, down <AGG(Change from 2015)>