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    Dataset aggregation or group by

    giorgio donà

      Hi all,

      I need to change the aggregation view of my dataset. I make you an expample because the dataset I'm using is pretty big.


      Customer IDShopSales


      I have a dataset like this one, with one record per shop and a lot of commercial variables.

      I need to re-manage my dataset and have one record per CustomerID and aggregate all the other numeric variables ( like sales).


      If it's not possible to manage the dataset how can I make a calculated field that, for example, sum all the sales grouping by customerID? Is it any formula for "Group by" ?


      Thanks for the attention

      Have a nice day



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          Mark Fraser

          Hi Giorgio


          For start - i would alsways try and get the lowest level of dat you can and worry about the aggregation in tableau.

          tableau is set up for aggregating things liek this very easliy - as long as the data is set up and imported properly.

          in order to aggregate you need to keep only the columns you need - tableau will aggregate left to right automatically.


          you can do it via subtotal


          or remove shop

          and you can just add more items


          hope that helps!




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            giorgio donà

            Hi Mark, thanks for your attention!

            I show you my case so maybe you can help me with the real problem I'm facing.

            In my database the max detail is the POD ( electric meter-box ) and for each one i have an energetic consuption, but the analysis detail i want to have is by ID_company. ( An ID_company can have different PODs with different energetic consuptions).

            So, the problem is this one: I grouped the energetic consuptions in 9 classes ( <2, 2-25, etc.) and now I want to count dinstinct how many ID-company i have for each class.

            I setted the view in percent of the total, but the total, as you can see, is not 100% ( but 153%) and i think it's becuase  a company can have 2 PODs and they can belong to differents classes so they appear twice in my bar charts.



            I just want to aggregate the PODs and have my view having the ID_company as the maximum detail

            Hope you understood what i'm meaning.

            Thanks for your help



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              Mark Fraser

              Hi Giorgio


              My first reaction is partioning - you need to define the calcluation to restart/ partition based on POD

              either partioning and/or LOD functions, you force the aggreation seperately for PODS within the same Id_company


              will try and find something as a basic exmaple