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    How to aggregate a measure within a hierarchy?

    Romit Mehta

      I have defined a "color" measure which determines the color to be displayed for a project based on when its planned start/end dates are, and how much of it is completed. (Ignore the actual calc in the attached workbook, it is only for example)


      I have also defined a hierarchy in Tableau so that I can go from Level1 to Level2 (levels of programs/projects).


      When I expand the hierarchy at the Level2 level, each bar in the Gantt chart shows one and only one color. For some reason, when I roll up to Level1 or if I remove the entire hierarchy from the viz, I don't see a single color per bar. I end up seeing multiple bars overlapping.


      I am sure it is because I have not defined the "Color" formula to account for the aggregation over the hierarchy correctly, but I am not sure I know how to modify it.


      Any help will be appreciated :-)