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    How to show alias in legend?

    Tricia Selby

      I am a new Tableau user and I am hoping you can help me with an issue I am having….I
      have data fields that are numeric and created an alias for them in the Data Source
      tab in Tableau.  However, when I create my parameter to use those fields I
      am unable to see the alias’ in the legend.  For example, I have a
      Race/Ethnicity field, which has 1 through 9 for values. I would like to be able
      to show the alias rather than 1-9. Is there an easy way to do this?  I was
      able to go into the legend and update each value manually by editing the alias,
      however, this causes another problem…it overwrites the same numbers (1-9) for
      my age category.  So, when I click on the parameter for Age Group I get
      the labels for my Race/Ethnicity field. Please see attachment for example.





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          Tom W

          I don't see numbers in your legend, I see text descriptions. So I'm not really sure what you're trying to achieve?

          Yo'll need to upload a Tableau Packaged workbook though, I can't troubleshoot any further without an example to work off.

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            Glenn Kuly

            Hi Tricia, i had the exact same problem in a very similar type of visualization (using a parameter to filter by various sub-groups).


            The only solution i could find was recode the variable in the data source to use actual subgroup names, rather than numeric values, although this of course can also be achieved inside Tableau with a calculated field, e.g.


                      IF [Subgroup] = 1 THEN "Subgroup 1"

                      ELSEIF [Subgroup] = 2 THEN "Subgroup 2"



            I'm interested to hear from Tom W or someone else has figured out how to use aliases.


            -- Glenn