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    move table joins


      Hi, I've created some custom sql.  The issue is that the joins seem to be fixed in the order the custom sql or tables were dragged to the workspace.  is there a way to move the joins?  I could get around it by deleting everything and starting over.  I have also tried shifting the connections but to no avail.




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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Sea Urchin,


          Can you show a picture? Custom SQL is typing the syntax out yourself. Like this:


          It sounds like you're connecting to a database or an excel workbook and joining multiple tables together like this:


          If its the first its entirely based on how you type it yourself. If it's like the second you cannot. You can control it by building right joins instead of left joins to some aspect but at the root of it you will most likely need to begin or replace the left most with the correct left most by dragging and dropping it on top to replace.


          Best Regards,

          Carl Slifer


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            Thanks Carl, I had a mixture of tables - one is an Excel workbook and the other is Custom SQL where I typed the code in myself.


            I don't have the picture anymore as I had deleted it and started over.  But from your 2nd solution, it sounds like the only way (in my case) was to delete and redo.  For me, the "right join" function was dimmed out - not sure if it's because it's Excel or Custom SQL, so the only way was to choose the first table correctly.