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    Show data in same view with different level depending on value

    Henry H

      I would like to create a Tableau view where a user can selectively expand or collapse rows in the table.  With a hierarchy, I can expand and collapse entire dimensions, but what I'm hoping to do is be able to show some values at the higher level of view and others at the more granular level.


      For example, in this excel table:


      DeptItemTotal Cost
      Dept AItem 110
      Item 220
      Dept B(All Items)50
      Dept CItem 325
      Item 425
      Dept D(All Items)60


      I can choose to show Dept A and Dept D at a more granular level (the Item level), while I have Dept B and C shown at a higher level.  The Total lines I can add using the subtotal function in Tableau.


      Is this possible?