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    Tableau comparison calculation between integer dates

    Marcus Bright


      I'm currently struggling with a calculation I'm trying to create in Tableau so any help you can provide would be great.

      Basically I have a calculated field within Tableau called [ExampleCount] which is a count distinct based on a simple Yes/No condition.

      I have this information displayed on two separate sheets in a dashboard, one filtered for the current activity month and one for the previous.

      What I now need to do is have another sheet with the same calculation of [ExampleCount] but showing the difference between the current/previous months.

      So: [ExampleCount (This Activity Month)] - [ExampleCount (Previous Activity Month)]

      The Activity month is an integer value, currently ranging from 1 - 9.

      I feel like this should be a simple calculation but I've tried several different methods and have been unable to come up with anything conclusive.

      It would also be good if this could change periodically.

      Kind Regards,