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    Daniel Berkes

      Hi all,


      we made a dashboard, the datasource was xlsx, now we have a Tableau Server connection the data structure is the same!

      Can we replace the data connection from xlsx to the Tabeau server, how?




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          Nicholas Hara

          Hi Daniel,


          You should be able to do this quite easily:


          1. Open the workbook where the data source will be replaced
          2. Connect to the Tableau Server data source
          3. Right-click on the old data source and select Replace Data Source
          4. Select the new data source in the pop-up dialogue
          5. Voila!




          Hopefully this helps!

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            Daniel Berkes

            Hi Nicholas,


            indeed, it helped. Appreciate your help!


            we faced with an other issue, when we have imported data from excel tableau changed the column name for example:


            excel (source):  trans_amt ==> tableau: Trans Amt.


            this format change doesn't happened with Tableau server, but when we would like to change the data source from xls to Tableau server - with your method - we had to modify the column names in tableau  Trans Amt ==> trans_amt, since Tableau server used this.


            could you help with this as well?




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              Nicholas Hara

              I'm not sure exactly why that would be occurring.


              The data source field names shouldn't change like that, or at least they should be consistent across Server and Desktop.


              I would recommend opening a support case to see if there may be an issue that needs investigation.


              Be sure to give them the following information:

              1. Reproduction Steps
              2. Version of Desktop and Version of Server
              3. Sample data that reproduces the issue
              4. Sample workbook.
              5. Screenshots
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                Daniel Berkes