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    Weighting in SPSS vs Tableau

    Isobel Milner



      I have a data file in SPSS which has a group of measures in it. I also have a weighting variable which I apply in SPSS before running my analysis.

      I want to put this data into Tableau and apply the same weight. I take the raw measures and multiply them by the weight. I then transpose the file to put it into Tableau.


      Within Tableau I calculated a weighted average using the formula


      SUM([Measure])/(COUNT([Measure])*3) as my data contains data for 3 years and use the Aggregate of this in my table.


      This gives an output very similar to that in SPSS but not identical. My question is, could this difference be due to a difference in the two methods or should they give exactly the same output?

      Is there a better method to use to apply this weight to my data?

      Could the difference only be due to a difference in the data i.e. an error in the transposition?


      I'd be grateful for any help/ thoughts