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    sum of fields in dashbaord

    rajenras raj



      I have Total in two work sheets.I want to display two total sum two Total sums from different sheets need to display in dashboard.



      Ex: Total1 + Total2 = Final Total (Final Total in Dashbaord)



      Please suggest me how can i achive this.




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          Sreekanth Kasaraneni

          Hi Raj,


          can you please provide some sample workbook to understand your scenario.




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            rajenras raj

            Hi Sreekanth,


            Currently i am not able to provide work sheet due to some restrictions.


            I will try to explain here.


            Total1 from work sheet1 view

            Total2 from work sheet2 view


            I want to display Total1 + Total2 from two views in dasboard as Final Total = Total1+ Total2


            Final Total = Total1 + Total2



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              Bhujang Hundre

              Hi Raj,


              It is not clear, use dummy data and try to explain.



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                rajenras raj


                Please find the below sample data


                Worksheet1 view
                Retailer Level :-
                retailerGeo ClassTrade Classsales % of total
                Retaieler13A13.5        13.99
                Retaieler21B12.5        12.95
                Retaieler32C11.5        11.92
                Retaieler41A10.5        10.88
                Retaieler52B10        10.36
                Retaieler63C9.5          9.84
                Retaieler71A9          9.33
                Retaieler83B7.5          7.77
                Retaieler92C6.5          6.74
                Retaieler103A6          6.22
                96.5    Total1 100.00
                Worksheet2 view
                Trade Class Level
                Trade ClassSales%of Total
                A33        34.20
                B22.5        23.32
                C21        21.76
                    Toatl2   79.27



                I am using Both Views in DashBoardFinal Total = 179.27
                Required to present Totals from both views in dashboard
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                  Jonathan Drummey

                  You'll need to union your two data sources together. In a tool like Excel that uses cell references we can use the results from cells on one worksheet in another worksheet, in Tableau each worksheet is roughly*** independent of the others.


                  *** We can set up filters that cross worksheets and in dashboards Highlight Actions and Filter Actions that cross worksheets.