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    Actions on Floating layouts which are placed on top of one another

    Venkat Rao


      I set my layouts to 'Floating' and placed them on top of one another in my dashboard. And I could successfully able to swap my worksheets with change in the parameter filter.


      Since I set my layouts to floating that too on top of one another, I could able to see the action highlights and action filters applied to only one layout.(i.e., entire view of underlying layout)

      whereas for the other overlapping floating layout I could see highlights applied only to the part which is outside the underlying layout but not to the part which is overlapping the underlying layout.


      Can someone provide me solution for this where I could successfully see action filters and highlights applied completely in the entire view for my overlapping floating layout?


      Note: In this scenario I don’t see any issue if I place my floating layouts side by side. But that is not what I want. I want floating layouts to be placed only on top of one another.