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    Server and HTML and JavaScript

    Daniel Berkes

      Hi All,


      I have a dashboard uploaded into my server and a HTML and JS file.


      How can I  publish the HTML and JS files?

      Can I log in to the server via remote desktop and have to put there the HTML and JS file, or

      there is an import function in the server where I can upload my HTML and JS from my PC to the server?




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          Jeff Strauss

          are you asking whether the Tableau Server can host your HTML and JS files?  Generally, the answer is no, but there may be some hacks.  We have some of these objects, and host them on a separate VM instance where IIS is running.

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            Daniel Berkes

            Hi, I have a HTML and a JavaScript which are using the Tableau javascript api. The script generats a button which filters my data. What is the best solution to use this (dashboard HTML JS)  in a big enterprise?




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              Jeff Strauss

              The HTML and Javascript can be hosted on another server and then it can reference the JS API via the Tableau Server root:  (i.e. http://servername/...)

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                Daniel Berkes

                Hi thanks final question because seems you have more experience then me. Is this solutio frequent in Tableau implementations or I can get almost the same result with tableau  in built functionality  ( not using javascript).

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                  Jeff Strauss

                  many implementations use the Tableau built-in filtering features of quick filters and action filters?  Can you describe your filtering scenario and what may make it unique?

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                    Daniel Berkes

                    Hi Jeff,


                    we would like to implement advanced appearance filtering buttons, extend the layout visualization.


                    Found this tutorial:

                    JavaScript API Tutorial


                    But this is not discuss the enterprise  implementation.

                    This second server seems to me a workaround not a good professional solution, for example what would happen if this server goes down?





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                      Tom W

                      Honestly, 'professional' or 'enterprise' is going to be subjective based on the enterprise and the professional. If you want to host a database on the same server as Tableau and also host webpages, there's nothing stopping you.

                      However, best practices in an enterprise would normally suggest you don't mix purposes on a single instance.


                      As per Jeff's advice, I wouldn't recommend you host webpages on your Tableau Server instance. As per your question "what happens if the server goes down" - what happens if you implement some poor code in your webpage which causes a performance hit on the server and takes down your Tableau Server? That wouldn't happen if you have the two correctly isolated.


                      It sounds like you're planning a pretty substantial custom implementation / wrapper. I would discuss your intentions with your system admins before you go much further and lay out a plan. For some best practice advice, you should probably engage someone from Tableau like your account manager to get their input.

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                        Jeff Strauss

                        What do you mean by "advanced appearance filtering buttons"?


                        In terms of the JS API, the whole point of leveraging this is to be able to fully integrate Tableau visualizations into other Enterprise assets such as web pages and portals (which are generally hosted on their own boxes with their own resiliency requirements).  You call into the API methods which are hosted on the Tableau Server in order to fulfill Tableau functionality (i.e. rendering), but you call to here from your own app.

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