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    Blending Data removing a month from my chart

    Justin Pulley

      So I am going to start by staying I hate blending data, but not because of tableau; its all thanks to people that really have no idea how this all works.


      I have blended data that the ONLY thing I can relate is a date field.  That's it.  They have nothing else relate-able.


      So I can get pretty much everything going except for the fact that when I apply a filter for a specific aspect of a work order, the severity level, it drops MAY 2016 off the chart where the other data a number of records count from a different table has records for buildings.  The reason is that there are no records of that severity level for the work order in May 2016.  There are records for the sum of the number of records for the onumber of buildings though.


      How can I do a Table Across running average that accounts for all months where there is a valid SUM of number of records for buildings, even if the count for  (in this case) may 2016 for work orders of severity level X is 0.


      Barring that, how I can show May 2016 regardless of if there are any records for the work orders.

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          Justin Pulley

          I should also say I have tried checking show missing values and it doesn't change anything.  Show Empty Columns is greyed out in analysis.  So I am at a loss as to how I can show the column for May 2016.

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            Justin Pulley

            Okay setting month to continuous displays the month number 5 now; problem is that it is not showing the records from the primary data source.  there are 4 records in May for the buildings count and those are not showing where there are no records for the secondary source.

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              Justin Pulley

              I need to revisit this.


              So here is the over all issue with some sample data to illustrate what I need tableau to be smart enough to do




              Work Orders11761101235015946
              Work Orders Running Total11182435354750100115124128134
              Number of Buildings6512274711899
              Buildings Running Total61112141623273445536271
              AVG Work Order / Building1.831.642.002.502.192.041.852.942.562.342.061.89



              So in excel, it is smart enough to do a running total and take 0 records and add it to April and see that the running total doesn't change because I told it to be that smart.  The builds still show up for May.



              Tableau doesn't see capable of doing a running total if there are no records in May and continuing the line.  What is happening is as follows according to tableau:



              Work Orders11761101235015946
              Work Orders Running Total11182435012156580899399
              Number of Buildings6512074711899
              Buildings Running Total611121407111829374655
              AVG Work Order / Building1.831.642.002.5001.711.363.612.762.412.021.80


              Tableau is saying because one data source has no records in it, clearly neither does the other data source and so I should stop calculating the running average and start over. (And no its not actually showing 0's for May, I have having to force it to show May at all).  I am having to blend this data so it's already a challenge and my boss is insisting that this HAS to be done in Tableau.


              I really need Tableau to be able to do what excel is doing in the first table and not what it is actually doing in the second table.  It is driving me insane.