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    Tableau/ Analysis Services

    Vikash Karra

      Hello - so hoping someone can assist with this! We connected Tableau Desktop to a SSAS Cube. The cube was created with this hierarchy that is part of Dim Date: Here are some sample values for each member of the hierarchy -

      Calendar Year - 2017

      Calendar Month - 1

      Calendar Year Week - 1, 2, 3 ,4

      Date ID - 20170101


      This is my first time using SSAS with Tableau. The values for the hierarchy (see above) are all strings. Obviously, this limits the type of graphs we can use. How do we convert or create a new hierarchy that is similar to ones using a relational database. Ideally I'd like to convert Date ID into an actual date, and then have the ability to drill that up to week, month, quarter, and year. Any thoughts on the best way to approach this? I did not attach a workbook but can do so if needed