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    Sum Totals of different datasources

    Maddy Pena

      Hello guys! I really need help...


      I need to create a report that shows budget vs actuals measures by month, in which for the last month shows actuals and for the rest of the year shows the budget. I created a calculated field which is called Value to Report (with the help of the community people).


      This calculation creates a table that I need, but the problem is that the totals are wrong. I was expecting the sum of the values that I'm seeing on the visualization, and instead shows a total value of just one of the measures (budget in this case) or something completely different:

      in this view I was expecting 2934 (250*11 + 184)


      This is also a problem because I want to create a calculated field that contains that number (2934) to label a graph, but I cannot use some formulas because I using two datasources, I need something like this for a gantt chart:





      At this point, I dont really care if the middle part matches the right bar (as they are different sheets), I'm really interested on the shown value


      Does anybody have come across this situation? Thanks and best regards!