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    Quick filter month behaving oddly


      Hi All,


      I have a custom query and showing up a few couple of dimension and measures. Also I added the Month as a dimension to Row as i wanted to verify the data.


      So if you look at the attached workbook, and try changing the Month filter, sometimes for that month we see data and other times we dont. Not able to figure the reason for this behavior.

      I am using Live connection. Please take a look at the attached workbook and try changing the year and month filters to see if you can help me understand what is happening.


      Also trying to do this -

      I see that changing the year and month changes the data, also how can I have the Month to default to Oct whenever year is changed. So say for the Year 2016 user was changing months and last selected month was July, but when he changes the year to 2015 i want the month to change to Oct ? How can i achieve this.

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          Joe Oppelt

          You're using a live connection.  therefore when I open your workbook, it wants me to log into your postgres server.


          Extract your data first.  Make your packaged workbook with your extract.


          As for resetting one filter when another changes -- as far as I know, Tableau doesn't work that way.

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            Hi Joe,


            When I create an extract it all works out well.

            I have created and extract and attached the workwook. Can you please take a look and see if you see something that is causing the data table to not be seen when I select a month filter when connected to live.

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              Joe Oppelt

              I don't see the behavior about missing data that you are describing.  On Sheet 1 I can go through every value in the MONTH filter, and never do I get no-data.


              I will point out that your filter (and data) are missing July data, but July doesn't show up in the filter because there is no value for that in the data.


              Also, this data set is limited to 2016 fiscal year.


              I made a simple crosstab of your data in sheet 2.  It shows you everything you have (aggregated by month.)


              So I can't comment on the first half of your initial post.


              As for resetting a filter value based on the change in a different filter selection, I just don't see a way to do that.    I did some things to Sheet 1 and to [fiscal_period_month] to make it sort better in the filter display (so that October is at the top.)  You might want to consider adding an actual date field to your data (even if it's just MM/01/YYYY so that all rows have the first of the month for the fiscal month/year in question).  Tableau gives you some nice date handling features -- including the capability to tell a date column that the fiscal year starts in October.  It still won't reset a month filter, but you might be able to approach your user interface differently with the date capabilities Tableau affords you.

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                Hi Joe Oppelt,



                So below is my scenario - trying to put it differently -


                I just built a worksheet with live connection and when I add Month as a filter the table disappears, even though there is data for those months.

                But as soon as i create an extract for the same custom sql the table with data for that month is seen.

                Then again I switch to live connection and the table data disappears, when I remove month from the filter i see the data.


                There is something going on with the month filter and switching between live and extract.

                I have attached the workbook with an extract data and so the table is seen, but as soon I switch to live it disappears. Also the database is not changing currently its a static dev database.


                So basically with extract everything is working as expected, as soon I switch to LIVE things dont work. I know you would not be able to do a LIVE to my DB, but does it make sense what i am trying to explain regarding my problem. I really need this to be live and its not even dispalying data when its live.

                So you see something in my query tht i am not seeing, when live the year in the query is replaced my the year parameter.

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  Your description makes sense.  The behavior you are describing should not be happening.


                  I guess I would try to debug this by having a sheet (hooked to the live data) with no filters at all on it.  Make it look like Sheet 2 in the wordbook I attached to my previous reply.  No filters.  Just high-level data, grouped by month.


                  What happens on that sheet if you add the month filter and select ALL?  Or what happens if you just have a year filter?


                  I guess I would try to gather as much info from as many different scenarios as I can.  Then if you can't find a cause for this behavior, place a service request to Tableau Support.  They're going to want to dial in or do a WebEx session with you on the live data.


                  You don't have any data source filters on the live connection, do you?  (Right click on your data source and select "edit data source filters".)  It would have to be a really awkward filter to act only on certain months, but I would be remiss if I didn't ask.

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                    Hi Joe Oppelt,

                    No my live connection does not have any filters.


                    I tried doing the steps you suggested above -

                    Create one sheet with no filters and then with year filter and other filters... i was able to see the data table until I added month filter that is when the data table stopped showing.


                    Also another thing I noticed it that when I change the year filter from 2017 (which has only 1 month data) to 2016 which has 11 months 2017 month sometimes show up its random, and for 2016 initially it shows (Multiple Values) I see the data then but when select one month it disappears.

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      Redo your extract to contain data from the same months/years in 2016 and 2017 that your live data has.  Rebuild your packaged workbook with that.  I would like to look at that.