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    Bar diagram - Multiple piles in one chart

    Wildman .

      I'm trying to create a bar diagram which shows the different groups of customers by total quantity (after a selection of the category/region). Hence, I would like that Tableau groups all the customers with a total quantity of for example 1 to 4 and more than 5 in two different piles (next to each other) and sum the total quantity of those two customer groups (see the image for an impression).

      Group Batches.png

      I would like to show those 2 piles (next to each other) in one bar diagram. Unfortunately, if I set both the 1-4 and more than 5 filter group on "True" it won't show any bar of course. Hence, a group can't be larger than 5 and be in the 1-4 group.


      What would be an easy way to show those 2 piles in one diagram? See the example workbook.




      P.s. I'm using Tableau 9.3.