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    Tableau Online > Conection Requeriments

    Elías Santos

      Hi, i have a problem i work with extracts from a local server and ever day the task complete in 3 hs,the extract have 500 mb of information.

      so the question is, what is the minimun requeriment of conection?

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          Tushar  More



          This happened with me also when I tried extracting 1 GB of data. I think there is not such connection requirement. It all depends on your data source. If data source is fast then you're lucky.

          You can perform optimization at database level such as appropriate indexing, restrict data, etc. If you've too many unique values, it may hinder the performance. So, try to remove those values if they are not required for analysis.


          Hope this helps.




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            Elías Santos

            thanks a lot!

            the host of tableau online is in Missuri?

            in the local server the database give me the results in 20 minutes,

            but when i send to tableau online 1hs 40'

            Im from Argentina.

            i think too  to do an incremental extract and not a complete.