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    Measure customer brand preference


      hello, i would like to measure customer's brand preference towards purchases.
      So i create a calculated field "Purchase Multiple brand" as below

      IF COUNTD([Brand)])=1   THEN '1 Brand'

      ELSEIF COUNTD([Brand)])=2   THEN '2 Brands'

      ELSEIF COUNTD([Brand)])=3   THEN '3 Brands'

      ELSE '4 or more Brands'



      However, I cannot see the percentage since the field will automatically turn into AGG(Brand) after i drag to the column . This is how it looks like with the image
      Category 1.JPG


      Since i also cannot use "Analyze >Total" when it's says "Cannot turn Grand Total for Discrete Measure", so i use "Show me" and choose "Stacked Bar".this is how it turns out :
      Category 2.JPG


      How can i measure this into percentage and modify the amount of customer who only purchase specific brand? Did the calculation field doing wrong?