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    NLP Text-to-Viz Query Application for Tableau Desktop

    Nathan Mannheimer

      Recently, I’ve seen questions on whether Tableau has a natural language query system for data exploration and visualization. This is a technology that is likely to continue to grow in importance as more advanced analytics technologies become commonplace in BI.


      For the past few months I’ve been exploring what this would look like as a way to start from scratch building quick visualizations. The culmination of this adventure is a Python application called DataWhisperer that allows a user to enter queries in natural text and have them automatically built into visualizations in Tableau Desktop. All of the code and materials needed to test it, as well as a compiled executable that does not require Python, can be found at the github repo below:




      The program works by finding relevant fields in the query and converting them into XML which is written into a .twb similar to, but different in scope, how the Document API works. The code is divided into two sections, the functions for modifying the XML and the chat portion that interacts with the user. This program is not officially supported by Tableau at all, and the first release is fairly basic, but I’d be really interested to hear any feedback/questions anyone has as well as any ideas to improve it. Over time I plan to add more advanced features and visualization types.