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    How to load this into Tableau

    Ian Barton

      Hi All,


      I have the following spreadsheet format - and another 20 sheets to load in like this. Could anyone give me advice on the best way to load this into Tableau. I see 2 options but I would be very appreciate of any advice.


      1) Load as is and pivot in Tableau

           Pros: Easy to load and requires no manipulation

      Cons: It seems to have limited use. As the metric come under one dimension, the charts dont show the correct format (my table has %, $ and days as values)


      2) Manipulate in Excel into flatfile format, then load into Tableau

      Pros: Will give me better control in tableau

      Cons: Requires a lot of manipulation in Excel to create flat file template- Its not practical to use the Tableau reshape data tool as my data changes regularly


      I have another 20 of these so i want to find the most efficient way to do this.


      Any advice would be great. I've attached an example xls and tbwx