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    Multiple color values for filled map?

    C H

      So I'm working on a few different style heat maps and I'm not sure if what I'm needing is possible.  If it is not I will suggest it as an idea


      So here's the issue:

      I'm using a filled map to count populations in zip codes and need the higher populations to be darker.  So far simple.  Here's where I get stuck...

      I need to separate out 'A' population from 'B' population, without using a dual axis.  I need to use the 2nd axis to layer shapes over the filled map, otherwise using another axis would be a fairly good work around.


      So I'm hoping there is a way, hacky or not, to have 2 colors used on a single axis map.  Below is as close as I have gotten:


      This is a single axis map that has 2 colors that 'blend' when they overlap.  This is great, in fact almost perfect.  What this is missing is the ability to darken the shades based upon the counts. Can anyone think of how to do the darkening without adding another axis?