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    Tableau Duplicates SAS Data

    Ali Hirji

      Hi all,


      Wondering if someone can help me? I have connected my Tableau workbook to some SAS datasets (statistical file connection). It seems Tableau is duplicating the information on certain rows. I have below screen shots from the Data Source view on Tableau highlighting one example compared to my SAS Dataset - highlighting only one row.



      SAS Dataset:


      I have opened the file in SAS and the number of records is different from the number of records tableau seems to contain! This duplication affects my calculations and is causing me a massive headache (see sheet 10 in my attachment)!


      Your help would be very much appreciated. I have attached Tableau workbook - i'm using v10.1


      Thank you in anticipation, Ali

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          Tom W

          Are you joining tables? Can you include the entire screenshot of the data source dialog, not just the bottom?

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            Ali Hirji

            Hi Tom,


            Thanks for your quick reply - your question/request got the brain going.


            I was joining my Adherence SAS Dataset to an Agent SAS Dataset. (Basically connecting employees unique ref on Adherence table to their Agent table which contains all their details i.e. name, etc...). On the Agent dataset, i had duplicate rows - so that was causing the file to duplicate the values!


            It looks like its worked - i've quickly removed duplicates and it all seems okay!


            Thank you for you help - your reply solved this!