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    How to create a calculated field based on the SUM of a column

    Jaskaran Dhillon

      Hi all,


      I want to create a calculated field that categorizes my data based on the SUM of "Total MV". Right now I have the following query on "Category" calculated field :


      if [Total MV] > 250000 and [Total MV] < 499999 then "AUM: $250K to $499K"

      elseif [Total MV] > 500000 and [Total MV] < 999999 then "AUM: $500K to $999K"

      elseif [Total MV] > 1000000 then "AUM: $1MM+"



      However, the following results do not make sense:


      and many more. I want the resulting category be based on the sum on "Total MV", however the results are not making sense.


      Any help would be appreciated. I am attaching my workbook so you guys can take a look.


      Thanks a lot,



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