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    Salesforce Data Source Won't Refresh

    Chris Forsha

      I created a workbook from Salesforce.com Datasource in Tableau Desktop. The source joins the SFDC User table, Opportunity (Historical/ HD) table, and the opportunity Table. A colleague with Admin access uploaded it to Tableau online and added it to a workbook there. The Data source will not refresh now. I've taken ownership of the workbook online and the datasource. The connection is through embedded credentials and seems to be hitting salesforce fine. I see successful connections in my log in salesforce. But the extract will not refresh.   Below is the message I continue to receive. I can't think of anything else to do.



      Affected data source

      Opportunity (Historical)

      Error message

      Unknown Failure

      Time of failed refresh

      2017-02-21 09:46:03 UTC-06:00 (Central Standard Time)

      Last successful refresh

      2017-02-14 13:01:27 UTC-06:00 (Central Standard Time)

      Suggested action

      If the information on the Data Connection page is up-to-date, try republishing the workbook or data source.