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    How to size font so the workbook can be used in several dashboards?

    Helen Lindsay

      I want to design each worksheet so it can be used in several ways e.g.

      - 1 worksheet / dashboard. I need the font large enough for the dashboard to be exported to PowerPoint and projected (e.g. headers and labels 14pt or larger).

      - 2 worksheets / dashboard (font 12 or 10pt)

      - 4 worksheets / dashboard (font 9pt)


      Putting the question another way.... in the Story demos we see Worksheet 1, Worksheet 2, Worksheet 3, Worksheet 4 and then Worksheet 1&2&3&4 together as a concluding screen bringing the Story together. How do you optimise the font size for the worksheets to be used in both layouts.


      To date, I've created duplicate versions of each worksheet and then adjusted each copy for its end-use. Am I missing a trick that would automatically resize the font?


      By the way, I use containers in all my dashboards.