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    Interesting Problem : How to pass another field as filter criteria along with top level filter in Live Connection

    sahil bansal



      • I have created a dashboard where I have set Company description field as quick filter ('display all values in the database' ). All other filters ( country, region, etc) as set to 'display relevant values'.
      • My backend table in Impala contains about 100M records (partitioned by Company description field) and the performance in LIVE connection is right now around 8 seconds ( changing any filter takes this much time to display the charts)
      • Every company also has an ID attached to it ( Company ID). If I partition my backend table using Company ID and replace the tableau dashboard's top level filter ( Company description) with Company ID then the performance jumps to 6 seconds ( 25% improvement) which is obvious.


      The issue is I have to display Company Description field as top level filter on the front end but still be able to pass Company ID as filter criteria in the queries generated by the tableau to achieve 6 second performance.

      Does any one know how can I select a particular company description and tableau passes its ID in the query's where clause to be run on the Database ?