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    Extraction Help

    victor aguilar

      Hello, everyone, I am facing a dilemma where I have a published extracted workbook, but I want to update it with a new extract. At first, it did not allow me to add a new source, but I got over that hump. Now when I change, source to the new extract nothing updates on any of my sheets. Can someone help explain what I am doing wrong?

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          Madhusudhan Khambham

          victor aguilar


          Is your question is like


          You extracted the data and published it to the server. You opened your workbook/dashboard/reports and able to see the reports with the data.

          Now, You extracted the data again and published it to the server. Now, you are trying to see the workbook/dashboard/reports and you are not able to see the data from your new extract.


          Is that right?


          Possible reasons:

          Scenario 1: First time you published say with name 'AAA'. Second time you published with 'BBB'.  You might be referring 'AAA' workbook.. This is not using the new extract data.

          Scenario 2: Your second time extract might have failed for some reason which you might have not noticed.


          You can try refreshing the data from your tableau server.


          Click on workbook -> datasources -> extract refresh -> try selecting full refresh  and hit ok


          Please check and let me know, if it helps.



          Madhu K

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            Tharashasank Davuluru

            Hi Victor,


            what is data source type ? . is your data source is getting updated with new set of rows or else do you have new columns also?  Did you checked whther extract refresh is happening in tableau desktop or not?