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    Need help with filters on 2 Dashboards.

    Cathy Schatzke

      On the first dashboard (Award Year Trends), I need to filter on the same dimension (Cycle Year) on two columns (Base Year and Compare Year).  This is working fine when the Base Year is less than the Compare year, but I need to be able to switch the sort order and always have the Base Year appear in the column labeled Base Year and Compare Year appear in the column labeled Compare Year.


      On the second dashboard, I have a State Map.  I need to be able to filter on the State but also be able to filter from the drop down filter (Other Territories/Providences) when the user chooses to do so.  Currently, this is working but only because I have added another drop down box for setting the Other Territories/Providences to True.  Then, if I want to filter on the State Map, I must set the Other Territories/Providences to False.  Is there a way to do this transparent to the user?


      I have attached my packaged workbook.



      I have successfully resolved the issue with the filter on the State Summary dashboard, although it is not reflected in my attached workbook..  Now, I am trying to add up/down marks to reflect the Trend up or down on the Award Year Trends dashboard and also on the State Summary dashboard..   Since the dashboard is a text table, the only way I have been able to apply the marks is in the Filter.  Since the mark is immediately beside the Trend percentage, it doesn't line up perfectly and looks rather sloppy.  I have googled this and have found several solutions, but they don't seem to work with a text table that has a Year Over Year percentage applied..  I'm attaching a new workbook to show how I currently have applied the marks.   Can someone let me know if this is possible with a text table; and, if so, can you detail the steps I should take?  Thanks in advance!


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