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    Measure values as a reference lines

    Alex Braga

      Hi all,


      I have some monthly summary data plus a baseline value for the months by specialty (sample file attached. Name: Baseline_data.twbx).


      My goal is to plot the monthly data, filtered by specialty, and use the baseline value as a reference line for each filtered specialty. So for the specialty “ADMINISTRATION” for example, I would like to have the monthly values as columns and the baseline value (45.5600) as a line across the columns.


      I’ve done some research on this and found this thread: https://community.tableau.com/message/394962


      The solution presented by SIMON RUNC (his file called Reference Targets.twbx) would be to create as many parameters as there are categories, and call these parameters as reference lines. While this works well, it becomes very cumbersome if you have many categories (my data has 50+ specialties/categories).


      Is there any way of doing this in a more effective way? A sample of my data is attached. Your help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!!