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    A few greenhorn questions

    Malcolm Little

      Hello, I'm fairly new to Tableau (using Public 10.1). I'm familiarizing myself with the full layout and all the options, using sample datasets. A couple of issues have come up and I'm wondering if there are solutions or workarounds.


      1. Create Calculated Field does not give me the list of fieldnames from the table/data source. Say I want to calculate disposable income per population, and I have the population total and the disposable income total. I would divide them. In the little box, there's certainly a plethora of SQL functions, but not a list of the fieldnames I could incorporate. Am I missing something, or is this a limitation?


      2. How do I get a line extending from a text Area box (Annotate > Area...) to wherever? The line formatting options appear on the lefthand side, but no line placement option.

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          Deepak Rai

          Hi Malcolm,

          • When you would start typing you would automatically see  the list of fields.

          See Screenshot below. I started typing IF Ch and it is showing all related fields and functions to use.

          • If you need a line, you can right click>Annotate>Mark...This should work.



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            Jim Dehner



            Your first questions about the Fields - they are from your dimensions and your measures - you can either drag them into the calculation or you can just start typing the field name and select it from the "self fill" drop down


            as for number 2 - good question - no idea



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