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    Table calculations with multiple date references

    Vamsi Immadisetty

      Hi Team, I am creating the table in tableau with multiple calculations dimensions.

      Here is the story, I suppose to create three calculations with respect to three independent date fields like

      Signed : Number of records based on [Signed Date]
      Activated : Number of records based on [Activated Date]

      Closed : Number of records based on [End Date]

      Total Activated : Number of total active records till today based on [Activated Month]


      I try created individual calculations but the movement I drag them in sheet the numbers getting changed according to [Active Month] column (Which is the row header/first column of the table).

      I want to use [Active month] as reference column as header but not referring in the calculations,


      I am aware how to create these calculation in different sheets and make it work independently but have some other calculations like (Calculating %, %difference, and percentiles). I cannot achieve these if I go by sheet approach.


      please give me some suggestions how to resolve this.


      Thanks - Vamsi.