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    How to create alert ?

    Ramu Machineni

      Hi All,


      Can some one please help me, how to crate alert on the date filed,


      Below table, I want to show the Doctor Patient Name in red colour, nd doctor name in different colour for the patients whose check up date is expired.

      I mean need to compare check-up date with SYSTEM DATE.

      Logic should be like this:

      IF( Check up date) < system date then patient name Then " red"





      Check up
        Next Date
      Patient NameDoctor Name
      28 January 2017SomRaj
      28 February 2017Ram1Som1
      28 February 2017RajRam7
      26 February 2017RajShiva4
      22 February 2017ShivaRam1
      22 February 2017Raj3Raj
      21 February 2017Shiva2Ram2
      21 February 2017Raj2Raj
      21 February 2017Ram2Ram5
      21 February 2017Ram5Som2
      2 March 2017Ram3Som3
      14 February 2017Som2Raj3
      13 January 2017Ram7Shiva3
      11 February 2017RamRavi
      11 February 2017Shiva3Ram3
      10 February 2017RajRam3
      1 March 2017Ram3Shiva2
      1 June 2017Som1Raj2