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    First Purchase Calculated Field of a Certain Category


      Hello, I'm trying to find a first purchase of a customer who buys a bedding category and what they are buying on the second purchase. So i created a calculated field of
      "First Purchase"


      {FIXED [Guest Email] : MIN([date_placed])}


      and "Second Purchase"

      {FIXED[Guest Email] : MIN([Repeat Purchase])}

      and "Repeat Purchase"

      iif([date_placed]>[First Purchase],[date_placed],Null)

      The problem is i cannot find a bedding "First Purchase" with this formula.
      I'm pretty new with tableau, what i expect is adding a product category from the "First Purchase" calculated field.

      My table is "ProductClass".
      Are there any ways to add function for "First Purchase" calculated field to find specific category?
      Thanks in advance