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    Sorting by semesters/dates

    cindy baker


      I'm unable to figure out a way to sort data by semester. For example, spring 2011 then fall 2011, then spring 2012, then fall 2012, etc.


      I tried using J11 (for January) then S11 (for September) but the sort was then J11, J12, J13, J14...S11, S12, S13, S14, etc.


      Any ideas on how to get the data in the Semester_Name order?



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Cindy


          I could not open your file because it references a data source that is not included - you would need to export a packaged workbook to include the data


          That said - what I would suggest is to

          1. create a "Sort Field" like you did with semester order
          2. drag it to your rows shelf in the first position
          3. then hide it by right clicking the pill and clicking on hide


          The data will remain sorted but the sorting field will not show


          Let me know if that worked for you


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            cindy baker

            Hi Jim,

            Thank you for the quick response, that's exactly what I needed. I was missing the fact that I could hide the sorting field.


            What you suggested worked for me but created another issue. Tableau isn't reading my data as time series data so I cannot use a line chart. Ideas on how to use a line chart? I tried converting some fields to date fields and that didn't seem to yield the results I wanted.

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              Jim Dehner

              Thanks - Glad to help

              Joped to avoid making a date out of the data

              The fields that you have are strings and not date fields - if you are pulling the field from another source (like excel or SQL) you could convert it to a date at the source in the form of mm/yyyy. If not you will need to convert it to a date field in Tableau - e.g., if your field name is date and the  value is "Spring 2011"  you could use a formula like for the year like Year= Year(right([date]),4) and for the month you could use   Month= If Contains([date, 'Spring') Then 6 else 9 End


              You then would make the date with Makedate(Year,Month,'01' )


              Now you have a date field that you can use for sorting or other calculatons


              Does that help?


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                cindy baker

                Thanks Jim - both answers you provided were quite helpful. Thanks for the quick responses, the easy to follow directions and for helping me out - it is all very much appreciated!!!

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                  Jim Dehner

                  You are welcome - my wife is a retired teacher so whenever I see anything that has to do with schools it get my attention