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    Urgent -Tableau Newbie-How to place 2 dates next to each other in columns without nesting

    sam bi

      I am in Tableau 10. Our company just bought tableau and we are thinking of using this new tool.

      To begin with we are quickly creating a Crosstab and showing data in tabular form, later i will add Viz.


      In Rows, i have Region/Distict/City/Emp. For each employee i have to show last 3 months New Application status (# of Apps, Sum of Apps, Avg) and Funded Applications Status( # of Apps Funded, Sum of Funded, Avg ). Also i want to show # of Active Applications for each employee (this is overall #, not by month).


      I have to show all this in a single worksheet. If i split into 3 worksheets (1 for new Applications, 1 for Funded and 1 for Active Apps) its working perfectly. But when i try to put all metrics in single worksheet for better readability and place utilization, it is nesting all the months and measures and showing wrong data.


      I just have to put 2 dates next to each other in columns and sub nest their respective measures under them. This seems to be a simple thing, but i am lost, watched videos, tried a lot and wasted days on it. This is urgent, Please guide me in the right direction and show me how to do it.


      Here i have attached my workbook. We do not have samples installed, so i just created sample raw data and attached it along with workbook.


      What i have on the Dashboard is correct numbers, but instead of 1 worksheet, they are in 3 worksheets. I want all of that in a single worksheet (single tabular form). 

      Sheet4 is where i combined them all and it is nesting dates, measures and showing wrong data. Please help.





      Required Output Format





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